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Individual Eyelash extensions

Only £35   SAVE 70%

(lasts 3-4 weeks)

We have a variety of treatments to choose from..
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Lipotherapy - fast, easy, weightloss


Easy weight loss, no pain... works 8X faster than any Diet or fat loss remedy.  

Loose 2 Inches in 20 minutes !!!

Real Results that last!

Liposuction Therapy .. is a Ultrasonic, frequency massage for skin tightening and cellulite removal, easy weight loss remedy that detox the body to cleanse your system Naturally. 

Vigorous massage using electrical frequency is the 1st stage we use which removes unwanted fat by breaking down your fat cells (solid) the body can no longer use this for energy - stored fat, the frequency of the current breaks the solid into a liquid to easily exit the body naturally and the second half of treatment firms up the skin, while also removing cellulite/ wrinkles and to block fat build up in the future ''the means of (liposuction), Long, Lasting, Results) 

The best Formula & treatment for Firming and toning  without painful exercise while removing toxins through the lymphatic system and loosing weight fast!!  Its that SIMPLE! Easy and Reliable. 

1 session  = Only  £29   to TRY risk free                               usually £85 per session. 

New cellulite removal 

3 sessions = £255

6 sessions = £510 

10 sessions = £650          SAVE £200  


Buy a package of 10 treatments and get  £200 FREE! 

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Only £2 per meal with only (220 Calories) 

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